Galapagos Islands-Ecuador, South America

Galapagos Islands-Ecuador, South America

We flew with Lan Chilie to Santiago and then onto Quito for a few days. You do have to be careful here but it is a great, fun city with fantastic restaurants.

Things to see & do around Quito-

Cotapaxi Volcano – the highest active volcano in the world
Wonderful Otalavo Markets – something for everyone here from jewellery & artwork to amazing food
Ecuador is one of the world main exporter of roses – so you can imagine there are just some beautiful arrays
Try a local delicacy – Cuy (Guinea pig)

From Quito we flew via Guayaquil on to the Galapagos Islands arriving into Baltra

We were transferred to our Natural Focus ship MV Galapagos Legend.
The Galapagos Islands such in incredible diverse amazing place – in the morning you can be swimming with penguins or sharks and then in the afternoon be walking around on of the islands and visiting some land Iguanas.
I would recommend everyone who goes to the Galapagos to do some research because there is so much to see and understand about Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and studies made in the Galapagos.